Receive weekly Tips on Business Development, Career Strategy and work/life balance...


Business Development

In a world of tough competition, the pressure is always on to take your practice to the next level.

Understand how you can leverage your strengths to secure more clients and close more deals.

Partner Success

Are you preparing to become a Partner?
Have you just been elected as a Partner?
Or are you an established Partner wanting to be a rainmaker?

Being a Partner opens up a world of possibilities – if you just know how to take hold of them. Take full advantage of the different stages of Partnership by implementing the right strategy at the right time.

Career Strategy

Are you asking a lot of questions about your career ?
Should I practice In-House, run a private practice, move into Partnership?
Do I belong in a big law firm or a smaller one? Or should I actually be going solo?

Questions are good when you allow them to move you in the right direction. Discover ways to plan and secure every step of your career so that it becomes the best fit for your personality.

Work/Life Balance

Do you feel like your family and personal life is knocking on your door for an opportunity to share your time? Work has a way of easily drowning out other priorities.

It’s time to open up that door to the other side of your life. Uncover techniques to establish and maintain the perfect work-life balance that’s right for you.

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“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

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The Lawyer Coaching is a team of professional coaches dedicated to helping lawyers reach their mountaintop potential. We do this by helping them leverage their specific strengths, find their unique path and rhythm to take them to where they want to be.

We work exclusively with lawyers and have years of experience working with individuals, law firms and legal teams within corporations.

We believe that being a lawyer is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. The pressures faced and the decisions that need to be made are unique to this industry. That’s why it’s important to choose a coach who understands this environment. Not just any coach, but one who understands the legal market, with in-depth knowledge and experience about the specific skills, talents and decisions that your job requires.

At The Lawyer Coaching we have seen – and continue to see – how coaching provides all lawyers, not just the top level of executives, with an incredible advantage. It is focus and clear vision that will a difference regardless of your current position.


  • Career Strategy
    John was a Partner at a large law firm. He was based in London and spending 50% of his time travelling abroad in Africa and Eastern Europe. Although everything seemed fine on the surface, John constantly felt a nagging feeling that something was wrong. But he couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was that made him uncomfortable. Through our coaching process, John began to realize that as a native American, he really wanted to be back home. And his family was eager to do the same. But a decision of this magnitude needed a plan. The coaching process helped John validate that this need was right for him, his family and his practice. We guided John in the processes of formalizing a plan to move back to Houston, US. Through our Career Strategy Coaching program, John built a step by step plan to find the right firm for him, the right time to make the move and he also planned the move in detail. After the move, we helped John secure his new position and practice and to be on track with his new life.
    Career Strategy
  • Partner Success.
    When we first met Annie, she was a partner at a medium-sized law firm. Two years ago, her firm entered into a merger with a larger firm. The true nature of the merger was actually that the smaller firm was absorbed into the larger firm, where Annie and her colleagues needed to adapt to a brand new culture. Where previously Annie used to be an above-average partner who billed enough for her contributions to be seen as positive, the merger had brought more performance pressure and she was asked to contribute more - a request that would have impacted Annie in many ways. Annie faced a difficult choice. Should she leave her firm where she had been a valued member for nearly fifteen years? Or should she find a way to develop her practice to the level required by the acquiring firm? When the pressure is on, it's difficult to make life changing choices. But the truth has a way of highlighting the best way forward. Through our partner Success Coaching Program we helped Annie see the truth in the situation where she was then able to think through the situation clearly. We helped Annie find the right balance in her options. She made two important changes -  She lateralized to a new firm which suited her work and family values and she also set new goals for her own practice which grew by 50% within a year.    
    Partner Success
  • Business Development
    Philippe was a Counsel at a large law firm. The challenge he faced was that he was too experienced to be an Associate, but he also didn't bring in enough clients and business to be elected as a Partner. Added to this was the fact that a Counsel position was considered a temporary position at his firm. This didn't leave him with a great sense of security. Philippe felt stuck in his situation. We worked with Philippe and helped him realize that what he really wanted to do was to grow his practice. Through the coaching process, we helped Philippe identify multiple client streams including external, internal (local or through the firm's network), and those who could be accessed through the partners. We then helped Philippe define his strengths and how to use these to build his client streams. All these insights were able to help Philippe build a strategic business development plan, progress through it and adjust it according to circumstances as he applied it. The result? At this stage, Philippe has added $500K to his practice.  
    Business Development
  • Work-life Balance
    Chris felt as if she was always on a plane moving around the world. In the beginning, she enjoyed the travelling, the fun with colleagues and the money that came with the job. But as time went by, she realized that she had sacrificed the time needed to build her personal relationships. Too busy for friends and family, she felt alone. She wanted more in life but felt that it may even be too late to consider focusing on relationships and building her own family. Chris needed a way to undo some of her decisions and find the time to build (or rebuild) her personal life. But since you can't rewind life, she needed someone to help her change her direction. We met Chris at this point and had the pleasure of helping her make decisions to help restore her priorities. Through our Work-Life Balance program, we helped her organize her life and put new strategies in place to help build her personal balance. Chris not only learned new life skills like time management, goal setting, saying no etc., but she also became very clear about her priorities and what she really wanted from her life.  
    Work-life Balance